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Thank you for expressing an interest in our products!  Before placing your request, please see the terms of our Sample Policy below:

1.You may request samples of up to three different products, and you will receive the following number of pieces per product:

  • Syringe filters: 4 sample pieces
  • Membrane filter discs: 4 sample pieces
  • Membrane filter sheets: 2 sample pieces
  • Membrane roll stock sheets: 1 sample piece (8”x10”)
  • Mesh filter discs: 3 sample pieces
  • Mesh filter sheets: 1 sample sheet (8”10”)
  • Disk filters: 1 sample piece
  • Filter holders: 1 sample piece
  • Syringes: 1 sample piece
  • Filter paper: 4 sample pieces
  • Chromatography products (caps/vials/septas): 4 sample pieces 
  • Whatman products: at supplier discretion
  • Biologix products: at supplier discretion
  • Capsule filters: N/A (Cannot provide free samples of these products)

2.Should you wish to request samples of more than three products, please speak to a member of our sales team (salesteam@tisch-env.com) for details concerning applicable fees.

3. International customers will be required to provide a UPS or FedEx account so that shipping charges may be billed to them directly, or Tisch Scientific will invoice the customer for shipping charges.  Please speak to a member of our sales team (salesteam@tisch-env.com) for details. 

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Please note that there may be a charge for samples. In this event, one of our Customer Advocates will contact you.